Best Colognes to Gift Him For Valentine's Day

Posted by Dimitri on Fri, 02/01/2019 - 8:59 PM

This Valentine’s, don’t say it with socks - say it with Scent! 

You can set your own heart hammering and pulse racing with one of these searing hot fragrances for him this February 14th! (Seriously, who doesn’t love a bit of fun on this special day)?!

Here are our top picks.



Since the early 80s, visionary perfumer Serge Lutens has been winning hearts with his incredible blends for Japanese brand Shiseido, and is now conquering the perfume world with with his own collection of fragrances! Vetiver Oriental is one of his masculines that ticks all the boxes for a nice Valentine’s dinner for two, or just a cosy night in… it’s nectar-like qualities are highly addictive! A cologne which trains its focus on smokey guaiac wood, husky iris, warm sandalwood, grassy vetiver and dark chocolate, Vetiver Oriental is the embodiment of masculine virility and lavishness. The ultimate deep green fragrance for the man you adore!




Favoured by yours truly, I could rhapsodise about this fragrance all day! LPNo9 (short for Love Potion No. 9) is a authoritative elixir by British perfume outfit Penhaligon’s whom have perfumed the British Royals for centuries. LP No9 is an instant head-turner and demands attention: it’s curious blend of mandarin, rosewood, geranium, nutmeg, clove, cinnamon, pepper and musk makes it the ideal scent for a very self-confident guy. 

You get tingles watching him command a room? Well then this one’s for you!



A global smash and Fragrance Foundation award-winner, Terre d’Hermes was launched in 2006 and much loved for its juicy citrus, flinty mixture. In 2018, Hermes added a flanker to the Terre d’Hermes stable; 'Eau Intense Vetiver' - this one with a delicious vetiver infusion which takes it to a whole new level! A divine ribbon of smokey vetiver resides at the heart of this cologne, which brings a feeling of maturity and level-headedness. Quite possibly the quintessential Valentine’s scent for your high-flying businessman! 



Does a man in a leather jacket drive you bonkers? Here’s one for your carefree Casanova… Angel Men Pure Leather! Created to ring in the 20th anniversary of Mugler’s pillar masculine, "A*men", Pure Leather is an empowering perfume for your rebel partner in crime… rugged leather notes melt into coffee, chocolate, patchouli and the smell of burning tyres! Dressed in a sexy leather flacon with Mugler star cutaway, Angel Men Pure Leather is every bit as kinky as it is daring! Tame his wild heart!


The name says it all, right? Arguably, few fragrances have the romantic pull that Allure Homme does, with its masterful blend of zesty citrus, mouth-watering peach, geranium, rose, jasmine, benzoin, tonka and sandalwood! Utter sophistication and sexiness in a bottle, you’ll transform your Netflix-surfing stud muffin into an Allure Homme poster boy! You’ll want to snuggle up to this multi-faceted oriental / floral / woody mix: a win win for you both! 

Office Friendly Perfumes

Posted by Kristin West on Mon, 01/28/2019 - 4:20 PM


Fragrances can be a very important part of a persons life, and some love to wear them any chance they can. Wearing fragrances in a proffessional setting can be tricky. You always have to be mindful of your colleagues. Some people have sensitivity to fragrances, and others just might not like them for personal reasons. So keeping your stronger, more powerful fragrances away from the workplace doesnt mean you have to go fragrance free. Here are 5 fragrances that are beautiful and would work well in a business enviroment!

Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue- This dazzling citrus fragrance is beautiful and bright. Although it has a nice sillage its not oppressive or overpowering which makes it a great scent for the office.

Gucci Bamboo- This sparkly little floral and citrus fragrance is ultra feminine and ethereal. Citruses and white florals dance on a bed of amber and sandalwood. Even though it has some stronger pronounced white floral notes, the sillage of this isn't intense. It's like a soft sparkly cloud that dances around your body. Pretty, attractive and great for work.

Elizabeth Arden Green Tea- This fresh Green Tea scent is easy to wear just about anywhere, and work is definitely a great place to rock it. Wisps of bright citruses and fresh green notes are a pleasure to wear but isn't strong enough to wont any cubicle mates!

Guerlain, Mon Guerlain- If you are looking to wear something sweeter and richer to the office but have issues with people who dont care for strong fragrances Mon Guerlain is terrific. This beautiful and velvety fragrance is silky, smooth and rich with florals and sweet notes, with out being to strong as to offend anyone working near by.

Tom Ford Neroli Portofino- This transportive fragrance from Tom Ford is one of his most popular. The neroli is dazzling and it really takes you to the italian coastline. Although it is one of the louder fragrances in this lineup it is really easy to understand and is non offensive. So it works very well in the office.

Bottega Venettafor men and for women

Posted by Eautalk on Fri, 01/18/2019 - 4:52 PM

Who doesn't love a good his and her fragrance pairing?

Bottega Veneta eau de parfum is a sensual and sexy leather fragrance. Bottega Veneta is renound for their buttery leather luxury goods, so fragrance from this Italian designe house was bound to celebrate this material, and popular fragrance note. With notes of Pink peppercorn, Bergamot, Lily of the valley, Jasmine, Leather, Patchouli and oakmoss it has a wide variety of notes that you think would be in contrast but work beautifully together.

It opens up soft and bright with a slight sharpness from the pink peppercorn, then it melts into a supple sweet leather scent that is perfectly paired with the white florals. The patchouli gives it a sexy base that doesn't compromise the soft velvitiness of the leather note. This fragrance is most definitely a celebration of leather, but it's soft and feminine at the same time. Powerful and strong, yet soft and supple its considered a masterpiece by some and it's easy to see why. 

Sumptuous and green, Bottega Venetta pour homme strutted onto the world stage in 2013 on the heels of the brand’s highly successful female perfume releases. What makes Pour Homme so incredible, is that it feels resolutely fresh - though not in an ozonic / marine sort of way - rather, in a crisp-mountain-air and leafy-green manner!

Bottega Venetta Pour Homme speaks of the great outdoors - of a trek in the wilderness under the emerald canopy of the trees. Starting with bergamot and unique Balkan juniper, Siberian pine and Canadian fur notes, this masculine veers straight into the forest where leaves soaked in water and fresh oxygen are found in abundance. If one closes their eyes when smelling this, they would be hard pressed to imagine anything else - it is supremely botanical. A flicker of Jamaican pepper lends warmth to the mix, and a brown ribbon of labdanum is suggestive of a damp forest floor underfoot. These notes reside over a base of leather and patchouli, which only further underline it’s evergreen masculinity.

An exceptional scent to be worn with suit and tie, or on date nights out, Bottega Venetta Pour Homme resides in a register of refinement and elegance. This being said, it is always grounded (never aloof), and approachable!