Niche Fragrances for Beginners

Posted by Kristin West on Tue, 10/02/2018 - 3:06 PM

3 Niche Fragrances for Beginners

When most people think about fragrances, they think of designer classics that are timeless favorites- Fragrances like Shalimar from Guerlain and Light Blue from Dolce and Gabbana. As you start to collect and learn more, a whole new world of unique and beautiful smells is open to you, the world of Niche perfumery. Niche fragrances have become ultra popular, and albiet very trendy. But this vast world of olifactive art, and daring compositions doesn't have to be intimidating. If you are a beginner to the niche world here are three fantastic, and not so indimidatig, niche fragrances to help you get started!


Acqua di Parma Blu Mediterraneo, Bergamotto di Calabria

This bright bergamot dominate fragrance is a zesty treat. The bright opening is almost transportive as it whisks you away to the Amalfi coast! With notes of Italian Bergamot, Red Ginger, Musk, Cedar and fruits this is a beautiful and meticulous blend of notes that is easy to wear that is still very unique and creative.


Amouage Sunshine Woman

Amouage is known for their complex compositions and expertly crafted perfumes. A lot of people enjoy and indulge in their beautiful library of fragrances. If you are new to niche, Sunshine Woman from Amouage is an excellent fragrance. With notes of Davana, Almond, Cade, Vanilla, White Florals, and Black Currant on a base of Tobacco and Patchouli. This is a beautifully crafted treasure that is a perfectly crafted floral vanilla perfume that has complexity, and is still very easy to wear.


Bond No. 9, Chelsea Flowers

Bond No. 9 is one of the most popular and well known niche houses. They have an incredible library of unique and daring scents that have collectors flock to get them all. Some of these can be very strong and intimidating (yet still very beautiful) but Chelsea Flowers has a lot of that same intensity that their other fragrances have, yet more wearable and appropriate for everyday. With a bouquet of various florals and sweetness and musk- This dazzling little gem is a great introductory niche fragrance.


Vesace The Dreamer Cologne Review

Posted by Dimitri on Mon, 09/24/2018 - 3:12 PM

The legacy of Gianni Versace is vast and enduring. Hallowed for popularising the Baroque, his designs are immediately recognisable. He was revered as a visionary and a dreamer. There's no surprise then, that he named one of his iconic masculine fragrances Dreamer, because he was always looking at mythology and astrology for inspiration.

The Dreamer harnesses two main components beautifully: lavender and tobacco.  It is this marriage that gives The Dreamer its sensational winning appeal. Sweet tobacco and aromatics cartwheel over a heart of iris, carnation and geranium and a base of vetiver, tonka and cedar. (Lovers of D&G Homme will appreciate the Dreamer too.) A favourite amongst men and women that places a bookmark firmly between the pages of the 90s, this Versace creation is revered as one of the best from this highly celebrated brand.

Romantic, rousing and timeless, The Dreamer is proof positive that perfumery is indeed an art, and that Gianni VersaceÕs innovation reaches well beyond his lifetime; and his sight, far beyond the stars.

Back to School Fragrances

Posted by Kristin West on Mon, 09/17/2018 - 2:32 PM

School is back in session and if part of your back to school shopping is to get your hands on a fantastic fragrance!

Men's Fragrances

Versace Man Eau Fraiche

This fresh and sporty scent is great for coming out of the summer months. With notes of bergamot and woods this has a nice aromatic blend of spices too that make it special and still very wearable. I love the starfruit note in here, adds a nice tartness to the wood and citrus! It's an easy daytime fragrance and a great scent to wear to class!

Hermes Terre d'Hermes

This classic from Jean-Claude Ellena is a spectacular fragrance loved by many. An opening of citrus is met with pepper at the heart and woods and patchouili at the base. This is a fantastic scent that is appropriate for professional settings. You will smell classic and smart, as well as fresh and attractive.

Women's Fragrances

Gucci Bloom

This newer fragrance from Gucci has already attracted a lot of fans. Its beautiful mix of citrus and green notes with a gorgeous heart of white florals. The vanilla, orris root and sandalwood at the base really set this fragrance apart as a whimsical and dreamy white floral feast. This is a beautifully feminine creation and a great fragrance to make a first impression with new classmates!

Tous Bonjour Senorita

Fresh and tropical, Bonjour Senorita is a beautiful treat. Coconut, citrus, guava and mango set the stage for this playful and refreshing perfume. This one has flown under a lot of people's radar, but overall its a beautiful and youthful blend of sweet and zesty notes that creates a perfume that is lively, and fun. Great to start school and to help you remember the fun you had in the summer.