Best Gift Sets for the Woman in Your Life

Posted by Kristin West on Mon, 12/10/2018 - 8:34 PM


Gift sets are not only fantastic presents, but also tremendous bargains. You can get a beautiful assortment of fragrant goodies that go perfectly together for cheaper than buying each product separately! Here’s 5 gift sets perfect for any female on your gift list.

Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Gift Set

This amazing fragrance is fresh, bright and beautiful. Not only does it come with the fragrance, but with the body lotion and shower gel as well! The best part? It’s less than $17 after our 30% off coupon – so it’s also Secret Santa friendly!

Marc Jacobs Daisy Gift Set

Daisy is one of Marc Jacobs’ most popular fragrances. It's cheerful flirty and bright and effortlessly beautiful. If she is a lover of Daisy then you can pick one of the 4 gorgeous Daisy gift sets that we has to offer!

Amouage Gift Set

If you are looking for a luxurious gift for a perfumista the gift sets from Amouage are out of this world. Some are a variety set of their most popular fragrances, others are convenient travel sets and some awesome scents with body lotions! There truly is something for anyone. They all make amazingly beautiful and thoughtful gifts for any luxury beauty lover.

Viva La Juicy Gift Set

Viva La Juicy, though marketed to a youner audience, is one of those fragrances that truly works on any age. A guaranteed complement getter - this fragrance has youthful notes of caramel and honeysuckle mixwed with juicy berries and a hint of mandarin! This gift set is perfect for long lasting fragrance - lotion for before fragrance, 3.4oz fragrance, and then rollerball for a midday refresh! 

 Chloe Eau De Parfum


Chloe eau de parfum is the perfect elegant scent that's also easy to wear. It's not too sophisticated like a Miss Dior or a Chanel Number 5; it's elegance with a light hearted spirit of fun snuck in! The notes are Peony, Lychee, Freesia, Rose and Magnolia - but it doesn't necessarily smell like a garden. It smells fresh, clean and feminine. Total head turner! 

Top 10 Colognes to Get the Man in Your Life

Posted by Dimitri on Fri, 12/07/2018 - 2:50 PM

With the holidays approaching gift-buying mode has been activated! Don’t leave it until the last minute to buy your man the lasting gift of fragrance!

We know it can sometimes be daunting shopping for the fellas, but a good cologne can bring out his best. Whether he’s sporty, academic, adventurous or introverted, there is a fragrance for him! Here is our top 10 picks that explore all ages and personalities!

D.S. & Durga Burning Barbershop

A breathtaking marriage of smoke and woods melds with delicious turkish delight, resulting in a head-turning scent that always grabs attention! Said to have been inspired by a barbershop which burnt down in NY in 1891, legend states that their lavender, vanilla and and spearmint hair tonics were ruined in the fire. A charred bottle was found in the ashes, and it is said to have smelled like this! Mysterious AND with an interesting back-story, it’s a great talking point these holidays!


Bottega Veneta Pour Homme Essence Aromatique


For the gent who is meticulously well groomed, one can’t look past the understated yet classy Essence Aromatique by Bottega Veneta! A sophisticated, easy to wear cologne, this fragrance speaks of casual male elegance, but in hushed tones. Italian bergamot, citrus, pine, woods and patchouli feel fresh and luxurious when sprayed from the tactile frosted bottle. A fantastic, lightweight cologne for daytime or after-bath rituals, it feels instantly completing.


Ck One Platinum Edition


Besides looking the business in it’s tidy (and covetable!) new mirrored flacon, CK One Platinum edition is a great new twist on a 90's classic! Launched this past August, this scent is devoutly unisex (although leans slightly more masculine) and is a great counterpoint to it’s 1990’s older sibling. Where the older version was crisp and fleeting, Platinum Edition is strong, dynamic and luminous. Its blend of apple, cardamom, cinnamon, amber, vetiver and cashmere steer it firmly into a new territory. It fells warmer and more enveloping on skin. Great for brisk holiday nights on the town!


Mr Burberry Indigo

A sonnet from master perfumer Francis Kurkdjian (responsible for Gaultier’s Le Male, amongst others), Mr Burberry Indigo is brisk, sharp and commanding; the kind of fragrance that might appeal to a sporty guy or man on the go! Inspired by an English sea breeze, it is brimming with citrus, violet, mint, lavender, rosemary and aquatic accords. Fresh and spicy, but not cloying or heavy… a must for every man’s cologne line up.


Boss The Scent Private Accord

The latest in Boss’ “The Scent” series, Private Accord raises the bar with sophistication and intrigue. A woody, oriental scent for men, Private Accord has hearts hammering with its delicious ginger, mocha and cacao accords. Dark, woody and chocolatey, this masculine fragrance comes alive in the cold weather! It reveals a mischievous and playful side of a man. Definitely a date-night go-to!


Terre d'Hermes Eau Intense Vetiver



Vetiver - rooted in Terre d’Hermes since it’s origins - is now the main player in this brand new composition 'Eau Intense Vetiver'; underpinned by simmering Sichuan pepper and sparkling bergamot. Where Terre d’Hermes was woody/mineralic, the Vetiver version is woody/vegetal… the kind of scent that embraces an outdoors/sporting lifestyle. One comes to expect only the best from a house like Hermes, and this one delivers on all counts!


Manrose Etro

There’s no good reason why a self-assured man should shy away from florals, and this is why Italian fashion giant Etro has furnished us with Manrose: a manly take on this famed flower! Coupled with bergamot, pepper and cardamom, it adds a spiced nuance, whilst incense, patchouli, amber and musk, a sense of earthy roundedness. A great compliment-catcher, Manrose only reaffirms that daring, confident men should always take chances!


Angel Men Pure Leather 

The masculine scent that partnered ‘Angel', and helped shoot Thierry Mugler to stardom in the 90s was the gruff gourmand Angel Men. It has had a fair share of flankers, but none come quite as close to perfection as Pure Leather! Fashioned on the original blend of coffee, patchouli, and (would you believe it?) burning rubber tires, Pure Leather is an intensely good, comforting scent for men! 


Caron Pour Homme Sport

Launched off the success of Caron’s pillar masculine 'Pour Un Homme' (created back in 1934, and still around today), Pour Homme Sport is a refreshing and vibrant reboot of this smooth men’s classic! Shimmering with citrus, verbena, lavender, ginger, and a scattering of nutmeg, cedar ambergris and musk, this fragrance packs punch; always feeling bright and aloft! This top pick should be thrown in every gym bag for that post-workout refresh!


Bond No. 9 New York Amber

With a bottle that has all the bling of a Christmas bauble, New York Amber is perfect for guys and girls, and is even great shared between the two! A rich, dense scent that unfurls all day, New York Amber is laden with musk, sandalwood, amber, saffron, nutmeg, benzoin, myrrh, rose, oud and pepper! If this blend won’t stoke the winter fires, I don’t know what will! Its a gem that the special guy in your life will always wear and look back on fondly!

Fragrance Gift Guide 2018

Posted by Kristin West on Mon, 12/03/2018 - 5:24 PM

Tis the season of giftgiving. This time of year is when we try and give a gift to someone who means the world to us. Fragrance is a wonderful gift to give to the ones you love most. But it can be a little daunting to figure out which fragrance would make a suitable present. I thought it would be good to recommend a few different fragrances that make amazing gifts!


Gifts For Mom

Jean Patou, Joy- This extraordinary and timeless fragrance is an exceptional beauty. If your mom is a lover of classic fragrances she will be enraptured with the beautiful notes of sandalwood, rose, white florals and musk.

Hermes, 24 Faubourg- For the lover of floral and fruits, that is still sophisticated and beautiful you can't go wrong with 24 Faubourg from Hermes. One of the classics from this house for very good reasons. It's fruity and bright opening is perfectly partnered with a melange of white florals and a remarkably perfect base of patchouli, amber and vanilla. Smart and sophisticated that she can wear everyday.

Symetrie, Embrace- This affordable beauty has a beautiful mix of notes to create a fragrance that is memorable and also very wearable. Rose and Lavender give it a beautully aromatic floral feeling with Patchouli and cedar to round out its base and make it special. A fantastic fragrance, for an even more fantastic price!

Gifts for Dad

Dior, Sauvage- This powerhouse of a fragrance from Christian Dior is one of the most popular fragrances on the market and a beloved fragrance from fragrance enthusiasts and hardcore collectors. A great mix of aromatic notes including peppers and patchouli with a base of woods and Ambroxan its easy to smell why its so loved. Wildly considered to be a beats of a fragrance- it's also powerful, attractive and appealing and makes a perfect fragrance for any guy, especially a beloved father.

Creed, Green Irish Tweed- The house of Creed is a prestigious house with a large abundant library of beautiful and luxurious fragrances. One of the classic fragrances from this house that is absolutely amazing is Green Irish Tweed. A classic Fougere fragrance, with the sandalwood and ambergris at the baseit  really cements this as a impeccable gentlemen's fragrance. A great gift for dad!

Acqua di Parma, Colonia- If your father is into old world, gentlemenly scents then you can't pass up Colonia from Acqua di Parma. This fragrance has many different itterations but the classic is just perfection. Crisp, bright, and aromatic its an amazing blend of citruses, aromatic florals and some vetiver, musks and patchouli. And vintage scent that is still appreciated  and admired today!

Gifts for your Wife or Girlfriend

Prada, Candy- Prada Candy is sexy, sweet and ultra feminine perfume with notes of Caramel, Vanilla and some musks and powdery notes to balance out all that syrupy goodness. Perfect for the lady in your life who has a fun loving personality but is also sweet as sugar.

Burberry, My Burberry Black- Burberry is known for wearable fragrances that are beautiful, and exceptional and My Burberry Black is no exception. This versatile fragrance is perfect for cool afternoons, and fun evenings out. The notes of Rose, Jasmine and Amber are livened up with a fun and fruity punch of Peach which adds a touch of whimsy to this sultry beauty.

Lancome, Tresor Midnight Rose- Tresor Midnight Rose is one of those lesser know fragrances that has cult like fans. This romantic, mysterious and playful rose fragrance is feminine and sexy but doesn't sacrifice itself for the sake of wearability. Sweet, velvety, and lucious this is a beautiful nighttime fragrance to enjoy over and over and makes a perfect gift for a loved one as well.

Gifts for Your Husband or Boyfriend

Creed, Aventus- Aventus is considered the KING of fragrances. This sexy and confident fragrance has a pronounced note of pineapple that is beautifully and masterfully paired with fruits, florals and musk. But most perfectly and artfully paired with birch with really sets it apart from other fruity and crisp masculine fragrances. A perfect gift for him that he will love and you will too.

Viktor and Rolf, SpiceBomb- cool and crisp fragrance has a spark of spice that makes it sexy and attractive. One of the most popular mens fragrances on the market, it's easy to smell why. IT SMELLS SEXY! It's also very versatile so he can wear it anywere- &smell good all the time! A win-win for both of you!

Tom Ford, Grey Vetiver- Grey Vetiver is an amazing fragrance from Tom Ford. This rugged, masculine and attractive fragrance is another super popular scent from this house. Vetiver is one of those notes that is so good on men and paired with the  notes of amber, pepper, woods and oakmoss it creates a complex and masterful experience.

Gifts for Teens (girls)

Viktor and Rolf,Flowerbomb- This explosion of florals is flirty, youthful and feminine. While still being playful and sophisticated. Joyous and pretty if she is looking for a scent that is signature worthy and can be worn anywhere, at anytime then this beauty is for sure a winner.

Aqualina,Pink SugarA lot of ladies love this delectable sweet treat of a perfume! soft, youthful and super sugary if they love to smell like candy, and want something playful and fun to wear then Pink Sugar is a great gift!

Versace, Bright Crystal- Florals, fruits and aquatic notes give this fragrance from Versace its perfect name. Bright, sparkling and sweet with a light crisp freshness this is a wonderful and fantastic everyday scent. Although its is sweet and flirty it's also a tish bit sporty- Making this a wearable fragrance for someone with a variety of different perfume preferences.

Gifts for Teens (boys)

Paco Rabbane, Invictus- This is a fragrance for any budding fragrance enthusiast. Its got a fantastic mix of aquatic sporty, and some deep and woodsy notes at the base. Its powerful, wearable and very complimentary. Great for any guy who wants to smell good all the time.

Abercrombie and Fitch, Fierce- Fierce is right, this is a lesser known fragrance from the clothing house, but it is absolutely amazing. This woody aromatic fragrance is very admired. Strong, powerful, it fills a room in all the right ways. Its a favorite for all the right reasons. Great scent for any guy who wants to smell amazing. Great scent as a goft for anyone looking for a signature scent, especially in school and college enviroments.

John Varvatos, Dark Rebel- If you're looking to get a fragrance for someone other then an aquatic fragrance, or a woody aromatic Dark Rebel from John Varvatos is great. (honestly any fragrances from this house could easly made it to this guide). With leather, tabacco and spices its mysterious rebellious and smooth. Wearable day or night it has a lot of depth and layers that are also easy to wear anytime. A great signature scent as well.