Staff pick by Carole: Borghese skincare serum

Posted by Anonymous on Fri, 06/22/2012 - 6:37 PM

Borghese skincare productsOK, I don't recommend products that often. So when I do, I really have to believe in them. That said, as a woman of a certain age, eh hmm, the kind with mature skin, I have a go to skincare line that works like a charm.

Every morning I use Borghese Cura Forte. It is a liquid serum that absorbs into the skin. I have even used it in place of a moisturizer. My skin feels great after one application. Not taut or dry, just so unbelievably soft.

Then I follow it up with a smattering of Borghese Cura-c Anhydrous Vitamin C body treatment. Even though the product says it is a body treatment I use it on my face. It is not greasy at all. It goes on like butter and absorbs so quickly. Heaven!


--Carole, creative director