Best Winter Colognes for Men

Posted by Dimitri on Mon, 03/04/2019 - 4:27 PM

When the temperature drops most of us blokes use this as an excuse to break out the colognes which bring comfort and familiarity. What partner wouldn’t want to cuddle up close as the days grow short and night grow cold? So to usher in the start of the mild-weathered months, we’re compiling 10 Mens fragrance suggestions which come alive in the cold!


Amouage Bracken

Classified as an aromatic “fougere", the term gets it’s name from the French work “fern”, and refers to a type of scent which is damp, earthy and green - much like a forest floor after the rain. Amouage Bracken - as the name might suggest - encapsulates a sense of earthy groundedness - cypress, lavender, clove, geranium, sandalwood, cedar and cinnamon lend a touch of wood and spice to a scent which feels like fall/winter in a bottle! 


Thierry Mugler Kryptomint

A shining star in the Mugler universe, Kryptomint is a play on the “kryptonite” name, and it will indeed make some weak at the knees! The delicious heart of patchouli, tonka bean, dark chocolate and egyptian geranium is swathed in a green peppermint shroud… it feels brisk and uplifting like sharp mountain air, but has all the warmth and trimmings of home in the dry down. Absolutely addictive stuff!


Rochas Man

Known for its scrumptious saccharine quality, Rochas Man not only looks smashing in it’s frosted glass bottle, but also ticks all the boxes as far as performance goes! With lavender, raspberry, vanilla and cappuccino notes, this masculine scent harnesses the smells of sitting by an open fire in a cosy cafe. It’s unique gourmand feel  brings with it a feeling of comfort and tenderness. A great choice for cosy catchups with friends during the day!


Guerlain l’Homme Ideal

Don’t you just love a long-lasting scent for men? Finally a cologne concentration that promises to last - and this one does just that! Mouth-watering praline, sweet almond, red cherry, creamy tonka, incense and vanilla make this masculine a cornucopia of warmth and attractiveness. Certain to make an impact in the cold weather, l’Homme Ideal has great projection and longevity.


Christian Dior Fahrenheit

A perfume classic straight out of the last century! Fahrenheit earned its name for its combustable warmth… a marriage of nutmeg, cedar, sandalwood, amber, patchouli, musk and vetiver which has a petroleum-like vibe. Sexy, mysterious and rugged, Fahrenheit has been setting hearts alight since 1988!


YSL La Nuit de l’Homme


A woody spicy blend that was launched as a YSL L’Homme flanker, Lau Nuit de l’homme has an explosive spicy accord which reveals cardamom, cumin and cedar. It feels just the fit for winter nights on the town… striking the perfect balance between opulence, elegance and sensuality. A bold compliment-getter, it also has a tenderness that few men’s scents offer today


Serge Lutens Serge Noire

Serge Noire is an artful perfume rendering of smoke, ash and wood which has an almost Gothic vibe. … flashes of wood and spice which take on an almost saccharine feel, but then swiftly taper away into a more sinister amalgam that brings to mind decomposition and decay. Some time later, the scent evolves once more and a lovely dry woody incense emerges which inspire mental images of gloomy churches burning resinous stones in concealed censers. There is a thread of warm amber, patchouli and cosy cinnamon that press up from below. Perfect winter warmth.


Caron Yatagan

Yatagan's immediate appeal lies in the beautiful mediterranean blend of oriental and woody accords. It embraces coniferous woods in the opening - sappy green needles of pine collide with aromatic nuances such as lavender, basil, mint and watercress. But moments later, a deeply satisfying arrangement of precious woods shift to the fore which reassert its masculinity. They are somewhat diaphanous, allowing resinous ambery facets and animalic notes of castoreum and musk to peek through. The perfume is underpinned by a strong, earthy backbone of patchouli and incense, which lend a complex richness to this scent. Strength and power in a bottle!


Creed Royal Oud

Warm cedar and fragrant sandalwood provide an enchanting backdrop against which the precious material Oud is featured. Royal Oud opens with a shimmer of citrus and a prickle of pepper, before a toasty, lightly smoked melange of woods shifts forward. It smells distinguished and luxurious. A delectable trail of galbanum, tobacco-like spices, and commanding musks round off a scent that would not be out of place worn in a Persian palace. Make it your mid-winter 'go-to'!