Top 3 Perfumes to Wear on Valentine's Day

Posted by Kristin on Thu, 01/25/2018 - 8:24 PM

3 Sexy Perfume Recommendations for Valentine's Day


Valentine's Day is a time where we spend a lot of time picking out the perfect outfit, shoes, makeup and also perfume. If you are looking for a new scent to impress your date on Valentine's day but are a little stumped on what to wear let me make some recommendations for you! Here are 3 scents sure to impress your date!

Aquolina Pink Sugar


If Your Valentine Has A Sweet Tooth 

Don't let the low pricetag on this fragrance fool you, Aquolina Pink Sugar packs a sexy punch. Although it is incredibly affordable, it smells and performs like some of it'ssuper sticky-sweet designer counterparts. Sugary, warm and alluring, it's a very memorable and flirty scent that is great if they love candylicious and playful fragrances.


Bottega Veneta

Some Sensual Leather

Some consider this a masterpiece and it's easy to see why. Gorgeous leather, patchouli and some fruit and florals make this a sweet and velvety leather fragrance. Botegga Veneta is soft with a magnificent base. The leather is a very supple scent and the patchouli gives it that extra push from shy to bold and daring...Yet at the same time it has a beautiful soft sophistication. If you or your valentine are fans of leather this is one of the sexiest and classiest leather scents out there.


Montale Aoud Purple Rose

A Powerful Take Charge Perfume

If you are looking for a daring and strong fragrance to help you control the evening Montale is one of the perfect houses. All of their fragrances are impactful and powerful, and Aoud Purple Rose is one of them that is ahead of the pack. Oud, Leather, Rose, Saffron and patchouli are paired with sweet and jammy fruits that turn this from your run of the mill oud/rose/patchouli combo into somehting sultry, powerful and alluring. It's strong with great longevity and projection so it will leave a lasting impression for sure.

Top 5 Fragrances to Gift Her For Valentine's Day

Posted by Kristin on Mon, 01/22/2018 - 9:24 PM

5 Perfect Fragrances for Her for Valentine's Day

With Valentine's Day around the corner some people might struggle with the perfect romantic gesture or gift. Perfume  has always been something special to receive on Valentine's Day. Romantic, personal and something you can wear to remember the special occasion- they make beautiful gifts and are a sweet gesture that you can enjoy all year.

When you are choosing a perfume as a gift you have to keep the recipient in mind. What are their tastes, what fragrances do they like to wear, is this a daytime scent, or an evening scent? Do you get something expensive and luxurious, or are they more practical and would prefer affordable beauty? There are so many fragrances to chose from to begin with the task can seem daunting, so here are 5 perfumes that would make amazing gifts that would fit a variety of tastes, occasions and budgets!


Viva La Juicy Gold Couture

Something Delicious for Someone with a Sweet Tooth

If you are looking for something sultry,  provocative and delicious Juicy Couture's decadent Viva La Juicy Gold Couture  is a great choice. This is a perfect scent for a number of reasons; First, it's a rich take on the original Viva La Juicy, but with sweeter and deeper gourmand notes. It's also a little seductive - perfect for dates or a night out on the town. It's romantic in a sexy way...a way that says "I'd love to see you in this" While still being appropriate for other occasions like dinners and movies. The presentation is eye-catching and beautiful; a fantastic choice for someone who loves sweet and exciting fragrances.


Guerlain Shalimar

A Classic That She Can Wear Anywhere

Shalimar is a classic that has been around for almost 100 years, and it is still widey considered the most beautiful and iconic fragrance ever created. The beautiful nuances in this fragrance haven't been lost in the ages either. Meaning "Abode of Love"  this exotic oriental fragrance has a plethora of notes including Rose, Iris, Vanilla, Bergamot and Ambergris. It is rich, striking and warm. If your valentine is looking for that perfect classic scent to add to their collection this is a MUST have. Works beautifully in the evening but is also good for cool afternoons and casual nightime affairs. Striking in formal settings and effortlessly chic in casual ones, Shalimar makes the perfect gift for anyone who loves a little sophistication. 


Chloe Roses de Chloe

For the Rose Lover

Roses are undoubtedly the most romantic of all flowers, and a fragrance perfumed in these gorgeous florals is the obvious choice for an occasion of love. Roses de Chloe is the perfect blend of rose, tart apple, musk and other green notes that make it playful, flirty and romantic. There is a beatiful lightness and softness to this fragrance that enhances the beauty of the rose without muddying or dampening the fragrance. Crisp and light, youthful and fun, this fragrance is perfect as a gift for a woman that is full of energy and light. If she loves roses this is a beautiful tribute to the gorgeous flower, and you can be sure it will never wilt!


Paul Smith Rose

A Beauty on a Budget

Paul Smith Rose is very reminiscent of Roses de Chloe (mentioned earlier). It's a bright, green, fresh take on a rose fragrance. With added notes of violet, cedar and green tea this is one of those whimsically romantic daytime fragrances that is a mix of charming and beautiful. Rose and violet open the fragrance before it dries down to a beautiful, slightly woodsy, green floral with hints of rose in the background.  If you are looking for a lovely fragrance to gift your valentine, and don't want to break the bank, this is definitely a winner.


Parfums De Marly Safanad

Luxurious Gift Sure to Impress Her

Safanad from Parfums de Marly is a luxurious delight. Fruits, florals and a warm vanilla base, this is another sexy scent that makes an impact. It's sensual, rich, and has a beautiful sophistication about it that lasts for the entire wear time of this perfume. Opens sweet and fruity, with lovely hints of ylang ylang and iris. The dry down is where this becomes extra special. The sandalwood melts beautifully into the warm vanilla and amber, and mingles perfectly with the florals and fruits. A perfectly blended beauty that is a fantastic gift for someone who loves to feel elegant and special.

Best Summer Colognes for Men

Posted by Dimitri on Tue, 07/25/2017 - 7:30 PM

As the autumnal exquinox shifts to the southern hemisphere and the Northern summer finally begins, we fellas often look for a fresh new fragrance to see the summer through to its end. To my mind, there’s nothing better than choosing a new scent each summer so that those happy, carefree days can be easily recalled with one simple sniff, once the dreary winter months come back around!

So, here are my hot picks of 5 new and classic colognes that speak of lazy days spent lounging by the coast:


As if the name didn’t say it all, there’s much to love and appreciate in this frosted bottle with striking copper cap! Jil Sander’s Sun for men feels like the warmth of sun on your back, and a cool Atlantic zephyr blowing across your face.  Bergamot, rosemary, nutmeg and clean crisp white musk lends a sense of vast ultramarine skies and Mediterranean warmth.



The neon green juice you will find in a bottle of Mugler’s Cologne is a verdant spring of freshness and brightness – everything you could possibly wish for to freshen up during the hot weather! A generous splash across the back of the neck, or sprays to the chest will imbue the air around you with a swelling cloud of soapy, bright citrus and musk. Sexy yet casual, Mugler’s daring cologne is one to be shared between partners.



If one could bottle the flash of polished steel or the glint of hammered silver, then it would smell like Azzaro’s Chrome. A crisp and bracing citrus fragrance, Chrome feels every bit as cool and clean as it’s name might suggest. Bergamot, lemon, coriander, pineapple, musk and cardamom make for a bold, sharp and commanding scent which will last for the better part of an entire day. The ideal cooling tonic for hot summer nights!



Yes it may be fleeting on skin, but the revered house of Hermes designed Eau d’Orange Verte to be a thrilling cologne intended for liberal application! For those thrilling few hours, this concentrated ‘water of green oranges’ with its zippy cool minty opening is a sublime pick me up any time you need a refresher. It has been sold since the 1960s and is still one of the House’s mainstays to this day… a universal crowd pleaser!



Using the fragrant orange groves of Southern Italy as his muse, Tom Ford bottled the odours of the Amalfi Coast with Neroli Portofino. If you love the idea of a summer excursion to sunny Italy, then this rousing perfume of orange blossom, mandarin, bergamot and lavender is your go-to summer spray! In my eyes Tom can do no wrong, and his Neroli Portofino is as good as it gets!


Now you’re armed with all the ‘know’ you need, be sure to spend this summer making new memories and turning heads with the right fragrances. Happy days!