Fragrance Review: Creed Bois Du Portugal

Posted by Dimitri on Thu, 01/15/2015 - 7:21 PM

Creed was allegedly founded in London in 1760 and built their name producing perfumed products for the Royal courts of Europe, so they are clearly no novice when it comes to conquering the world! Bois du Portugal – a rather modern fragrance given their history - was created in 1987 and has remained one of the house's mainstay masculines. Inspired by the fragrant plantations of Portugal, this Woody Oriental scent for men has a timeless, ageless charm.

The flight of Bois du Portugal enchants with brisk bergamot and aromatic lavender... components that speak of the classic cologne compositions of days gone by. A nucleus of dry vetiver, fragrant cedar and creamy sandalwood jettison this scent into a staunchly masculine territory. The sum of its components feels stately, gentlemanly and refined.

Bois du Portugal – despite having its roots planted firmly in yesteryear – is a scent that has it all... a sense of rugged beauty, and a hint of tender familiarity. Bois du Portugal would be the perfect wedding scent for a bridegroom with meticulous grooming, or better still, a man whose fondness for tradition (but without the stiffness) is a keenly-regarded attribute. In a nutshell, it's resolutely tasteful and dignified... even if you're not!