Fragrance Review: Costume National's Scent Gloss

Posted by Dimitri on Wed, 02/11/2015 - 4:43 PM

In the expanding Costume National perfume portfolio there are scents both dark and brooding, and those that are light and sheer... Scent Gloss (a feminine fragrance launched in 2004) brings a whole other dimension to the Costume National universe! Just as the name suggests, it brings a flash of light to the line... the fork-lightning flare of light bouncing off black patent leather; the zig-zag of luminescence on a lip-glossed smile! Scent Gloss is very girly, and quite simply radiant!

Composed with three starring notes – purple orchid, tender rose and white musk - Scent Gloss is the embodiment of seduction... a dazzling floral bouquet with glistening fruity undertones that unquestionably delight and enchant. This offering from the iconic Italian fashion house is a favorite with women who wish to stand a head and shoulders above the others... it totally commands attention!

Scent Gloss is incredibly versatile and suited for any occasion - from date night to wedding day! Much like Costume National's unique and extraordinary fashions, Scent Gloss is quite unlike any other out there.