5 Reasons You Don't Have the Nails You Want

Posted by Anonymous on Fri, 12/28/2012 - 8:45 PM

Nails can tell a lot about a person, which is why we think getting better nails in the new year is a perfect resolution, no? Grow longer, stronger nails with these 5 nail-saving tips, let's get started, shall we?

1. Nail Baiting: One of the main reasons and one of the most popular 'bad habits' a person has is biting their nails. Not only does nail biting slow down nail growth but it also can spread infections and ruin your teeth. Try avoiding the nibbling of those hangnails and soften your skin and cuticles with a nail oil or nail care products instead. Check our Dr. Hauschka skin care, they have a great line of products for your skin care, including your nails!

2. Vitamins: Nails, like your hair, are made up of keratin, so sure, while calcium is great for you and your nails, there are more important nutrients you need to intake. Like...foods high in iron, protein and zinc, these foods will help you to grow long and strong nails. Eggs, legumes, and supplements like biotin can also help you reach your nail goals. Interested in supplements, check out the long line of Carlson nutrients

3. Always Use a Base Coat: For those nail polish finatics that are switching up their color every other day, it is common that discoloration and yellowing of the nail will occur. Nail polish, over time, can stain nails, but you can easily prevent this by always using a base coat!

4. You Smoke: Just another reason to add to that list of reasons why you should kick that nicotine habit! A burning cigarette can not only dry out your cuticles but the tar and nicotine can make your nails yellow.

5. Start Wearing Gloves: If you're one for cleaning around the house, be sure you wear gloves. Protect your nail bed from any bacteria that may cause infection, bad breaks or cause harsh irritation from chemicals in cleansers. 

Caring for your Cuticles

Posted by Anonymous on Wed, 05/30/2012 - 6:47 PM

Around the office, we obviously talk about our products and our experiences with them and now that the summer season is here, we are all about nails. But when you are showing off your nails, it's not just the nail that matters; this is why we want to express the importance in caring for your cuticles. Many people have different ways of caring for their cuticles, one of the most common ways we know are to just push them and cut away. However, what you may not know is that this is one of the worst things you can do for caring for your cuticles. You should never bite, push, cut or peel your cuticles. Rather than ridding them, treat them to be healthy and beautiful, because after all they are part of your nails.

First start with an exfoliating hand & cuticle treatment cream, like Philosophy's Time on Your Hands . This hand and cuticle cream heals sun damaged hands, dry cuticles and works incredibly fast to reveal it's desirable effect. It leaves hands and cuticles incredible smooth. 

If for some reason you prefer not to use Philosophy products, there are plenty of other cream brands you can use, like Clinique. Clinique, we know, is one of everyones most favorite skin care line and we can totally get why! This Clinique Deep Comfort Hand and Cuticle cream is long lasting and will keep your cuticles and hands hydrated for 12 hours, talk about great quality!

Now before you go ahead and call us hypocrites, we still are sticking to our word to not push back and trim your cuticles, HOWEVER, if you use a cuticle nipper, like the Tweezerman one we have, to use to cut a hangnail, we're all for it! Anything to keep your nails healthy and clean, we're all for it, but to push back and trim away those cuticles, no, no, no.

Lastly, a personal fave of ours, the Dr. Hauschka nail oil pen! This handy dandy pen is awesome; it comes with a felt tip applicator, so it's perfect to throw it in a bag and go. This oil is perfect for a simple and easy daily treatment to strengthen and clarify nails, promote healthier growth and softer cuticles, as well as enhances keratin to strenghten soft or brittle nails. That what we're talking about! Beautiful, strong, healthy nails for all year long!