How to Keep that 2014 Resolution of a Brighter, Bigger Smile

Posted by Anonymous on Wed, 01/08/2014 - 12:00 AM

It’s a new year! Which means it’s all the more reason to smile. Wait. Hold on. You  may actually have one reason not to smile just yet … yes, those yellowish teeth.

Now instead of bumming yourself out about the not so desired hue of your teeth, how about we transform those negative feelings into a beautifully positive resolution. Come on, say it with us: In 2014 I resolve to have a brighter, bigger smile!

Bet you’re curious as to how we’re going to make that happen, right? Well, it’s actually quite simple. We’ve already pulled together a few products that effectively seep through your teeth’s porous enamel, reach the dentin, and chemically change its color.

All effective teeth whitening products contain some form of peroxide, which is able to safely whiten teeth both inside and out, without damaging the enamel. The peroxide breaks down and releases oxygen ions. These ions are so small and chemically active that they travel through the pores in the enamel, reaching stains and color molecules inside the teeth in a way that no physical abrasive can. The ions break the chemical bonds in the colored areas to make them colorless, visibly whitening the teeth.

So now you know how that works...let's get to which products you need to get it going!