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When people hear the name Waterford, they immediately think of the beautiful crystal that the company is famous for producing. In particular, the diamond-like Lismore patterns highlights drinking glasses, dishes, salt and pepper shakers, clocks, and more.

Established in 1783 by brothers William and George Penrose in Waterford City, Ireland, the primary goal of the company was to create drinking glasses and home decorations made with the finest quality crystal. Waterford remained a bustling business for 70 years. In 1853, economic difficulties of the period lead to the closure of Waterford.

Fortunately, Waterford experienced a resurgence in 1947 when Miroslav Havel was hired by a struggling glass maker in Ireland. In 1953, Miroslav utilized the Waterford cutting patterns and designed the Lismore pattern that remains the top-selling crystal pattern throughout the world.

The elegance and popularity of the iconic Lismore pattern inspired Waterford Lismore, a fragrance launched in 2008 in collaboration with renowned scent designer Harry Fremont. Featuring notes of various florals including lotus and rose. This fresh, feminine scent is sold in a Lismore-patterned crystal bottle and is often referred to as the most romantic fragrance in the world.

In addition to this enchanting fragrance, Waterford also launched Rebel. It's a collection of colored crystal perfume bottles with gemstone embellishments. Since its establishment in the late 1800s, Waterford continues to produce high-quality crystal with the same mindset and core values as the early days of operation.

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Waterford Lismore

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