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Hello Do you want your perfume to last through your whole day? My tip is whenever you are buying a perfume always buy the whole set (body wash, body lotion, and perfume) Use all three whenever you shower or when your going out somewhere special you will find that your scent lasts much longer and it will soften out throught the whole day so that it doesnt overpower people but its a subtle scent. Its also a good idea because it pampers you at the same time you smell great! =)

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Fragrances Tip by Joanna

Customer Reviews

Maja de myrugia has been my favorite since I was thirteen. They have changed the formulation for the cologne from the original from the 1920s, and it can only rarely be found as a vintage item, the soap, made with olive oil, is unchanged and is great as a complexion soap as well as a fragrant shampoo. Not only do I receive complements from both sexes, it transports me to a magical place of beauty without fail!

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Review of Maja by Neva Trejo