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If you want longer and thicker lashes, save and wash old mascara wand (DO NOT KEEP THE BOTTOM), with hot water with full strength dish washing liquid poured directly on wand until all mascara is removed. Dry with hair blow dryer or overnight. Then, In between mascara applications brush lashes with the clean dry brush to separate and lengthen lashes naturally.

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Makeup Tip by Elaine F.

Customer Reviews

Been loving this smell since I smelled a sample of it at Macy’s about a year ago the smell had me hooked ever since, this is my first time buying this fragrance since I’ve smelled it I was very happy when I seen fragrancenet had it let alone the 3.4 oz tester for such a reasonable price I just got it in the mail today and I LOVE LOVE this smell it’s like a spring time goody very sweet but yet conservative it definitely can be used for everyday wear or a night out ! Thumbs up fragrancenet

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Review of Viva La Juicy Gold Couture by Melissa M.

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