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I live by two philosophies;1."you're as young as you feel,"and 2."you're never too old to learn." Also,if possible,avoid toxic people or family members and stay away from depressing news,music,movies etc. They are mentally draining and leave you feeling like life's a heavy burden.

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Staying young Tip by Melanie

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I smelled this fragrance on a teenage girl at a book store and I knew I had to get it so I mustered up the courage to ask her the name of it and she said "It's Shakira S,the pink one." I went to my nearest cosmetics store and bought it right away. Eau florale is a lovely fragrance & I hope they don't discontinue it any time soon. I'll be stocking up on at least four bottles in the event that happens.

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Review of S By Shakira Eau Florale by Big & Beautiful