Trend to Try: Nude Lips

Posted by Anonymous on Mon, 10/29/2012 - 2:37 PM

Oxblood (also known as a deep, burgundy hue) is the hot new color trend, but sometimes, going against the trend is 100% trendy, which is why we must have this nude lip hue by Yves Saint Laurent to nail the nude lip look.
Stand out of the dark lipped crowd with this sparkling, lustrous lip shine by Yves Saint Laurent. The golden gloss in Simply Gold forms a mirror effect on lips, illuminating your lips and wrapping them with a glam shine. This long wearing lip gloss will have you standing out of the crowd but, of course, if you want to blend in with the trend, Yves Saint Laurent has a ton of plum/burgundy hues you'll love too.
Will you go against the trend and make it your own?
Nude Lips