Go Head On With Color Crayons

Posted by Anonymous on Mon, 09/17/2012 - 7:29 PM

Want a convenient way to instantly add color and keep your hair looking rich and healthy looking between those color appointments? Here's a quick (and cheap) solution, Michael diCesare's It's My Color Crayon. Whether you have red hair, black hair, or brown, we've got the color crayon for you!
Easily add color and highlights to your hair, roots, and even thinning spots!
Guys....you can use these cool crayons too! Touch up your beard, sideburns or mustache for a fuller, richer look.

Our little tip, use with Dicesare's moisture factor infusion shampoo to prevent build up or residue in your hair when using this product. Use this nourishing shampoo formula and your hair will feel supple, shiny, and way healthier than before!