We all have a special trick we use when applying makeup or caring for our hair. Some of us line our drawers with scented paper, still others rave about the benefits of homemade sugar scrubs. Share your tip with us today!

Be happy, live healthy, exercise and learn new things……age is only from the shoulders up.

Beauty tip
By Anonymous
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Once or twice a week, I leave my hair conditioner on my hair after my shower. Put a plastic cap over your hair at night and rinse off in the morning. Your hair will be like new...

Beauty tip
By barbara
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Be disciplined about taking time out for yourself. Learn to say no to unnecessary demands and at the end of the day,don't forget to plug into your spiritual side now and then.

Beauty tip
By Trinigal
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Cleansing, toning, moisturizing your face twice a day are the bare essentials against aging. Choose products according to your skin type; i.e. dry, oily or combination, & do it morning & evening. Other skin care products include facial scrubs, mud masks, eye gels, and specialized products for wrinkle/scar/age spots treatment.... Use scrubs mud masks only once a week if your skin is dry, and twice a week if oily or combination. Use scrubs GENTLY, mud masks after cleansing the skin, before the shower. Always use a moisturizer before applying a foundation and do not sleep with your make-up on. Cotton swabs (for toners - do NOT drench) are applied upward, while with make-up, brush strokes are applied downward. With eye gels/creams, use sparingly and apply with your ring finger (weakest) on the bone along the eye socket to over and around the eye.

Beauty tip
By Havana
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Hello Do you want your perfume to last through your whole day? My tip is whenever you are buying a perfume always buy the whole set (body wash, body lotion, and perfume) Use all three whenever you shower or when your going out somewhere special you will find that your scent lasts much longer and it will soften out throught the whole day so that it doesnt overpower people but its a subtle scent. Its also a good idea because it pampers you at the same time you smell great! =)

Beauty tip
By Joanna
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If you suffer from dry feet try 100% pure petroleum jelly. Each night before bed apply liberally to your feet and then cover with socks. Scrub your feet with a pumice stone only once a week.

Beauty tip
By Natalia
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Do not rub a fragrace into your skin. Alomst all are made to react with your skins oils and heat. Rubbing the perfume will only change the smell and make it dry out faster, falling short of lasting long.

Beauty tip
By Shane
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Spray perfume on the ankles, behind the knees so the fragrance rises. Also, mix your favourite perfume with some unscented moisturiser and massage all over body for a long lasting lingering scent..

Beauty tip
By Minal
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I like to comb and brush my hair out before washing it,that way,when I shampoo or condition it goes through smoothly without the tangles.

Beauty tip
By Justine
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To keep your nail polish usuable as the first time you opened it. Keep it in the refrigerator. I keep mine in a plastic container w/lid. I use it to the very last without ever adding a thinner or discarding an almost full bottle.

Beauty tip
By Miss D
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