We all have a special trick we use when applying makeup or caring for our hair. Some of us line our drawers with scented paper, still others rave about the benefits of homemade sugar scrubs. Share your tip with us today!

Winter, a time of hibernation for many plants and animals can also be a time for the “Winter Blues.” Aromatherapy is the natural antidote to the emotionally draining effects of winter. Try citrus oils such as grapefruit, lemon and lime for a refreshing and uplifting feeling. Plus, pine, eucalyptus and camphor can treat congestion.

Aromatherapy tip
By Pam J.
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Pick a relaxing area, choose your favorite scented lotion, apply it to your hands, feet and body, then picture a happy scene. All your stress will lift away!!

Aromatherapy tip
By Sophia the elevin year old girl
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To have your bathroom always smell nice, spray your favorite fragrance on your shower curtains once or twice a week, depending on the size and the fragrance. You and your guests will love to visit your powder room.

Aromatherapy tip
By janet lott
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