We all have a special trick we use when applying makeup or caring for our hair. Some of us line our drawers with scented paper, still others rave about the benefits of homemade sugar scrubs. Share your tip with us today!

Before applying make-up on, wash face with cold water to close pores so you wont get clogged pores and black-heads!! Also, i like to comb my hair in the shower when my hair is wet, and then put conditioner on. It makes hair SUPER soft, frizz-free, and managable!! Lip gloss tip: before you put on lip gloss, wet tooth brush and gentley brush lips so that dead skin gets off so that your lipgloss wont be clumpy!! =)

Makeup tip
By Laura
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We all know about layering our fragrances. How about layering our lipsticks. Try creating different shades by blending mattes and glosses. If a single shade doesn't work, no need to throw it out, combine it with others to create a better shade for you!

Makeup tip
By Samone
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Use tinted moisturizer in the summer instead of foundation. It will even out your skin and feel light so that you can still get color on your face. It also leaves your skin smooth. Most have an spf to protect your skin. It is also much less expensive than foundation.

Makeup tip
By Anonymous
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If you're having trouble with finding the perfect shade of foundation, try blending different varieties of foundations. Matte with dewy, warm with cool, and mix colors until you get the perfect foundation for you. Then write the mixture down on an index card so you won't soon forget!

Makeup tip
By Veronika
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A girl at work said she would melt her eyeliner pencil with a lighter first then smooth it on. I think that would work good for some people. I have some eyeliner pencils that won't even go on right or don't show up on me. Maybe because my skin is oily, not sure or pencil is no good. I love liquid eyeliners. So melting the tip seems like it would go on more like a liquid eyeliner! And maybe would actually show up on me! Hope this helps someone.

Makeup tip
By Pandy
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Before applying lipstick or gloss, I put a tiny bit of foundation on my lips, a very little bit. It helps the lipstick/gloss stay on longer and better!

Makeup tip
By Kristy H
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If you want longer and thicker lashes, save and wash old mascara wand (DO NOT KEEP THE BOTTOM), with hot water with full strength dish washing liquid poured directly on wand until all mascara is removed. Dry with hair blow dryer or overnight. Then, In between mascara applications brush lashes with the clean dry brush to separate and lengthen lashes naturally.

Makeup tip
By Elaine F.
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Put cream or wet eyeshadow on eyelids before applying your eyeshadow, it makes it last all day, and looks more dramatic and makes your eyes pop

Makeup tip
By felisha
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Try wearing eyeshadow with eyeshadow primer. Color stays in place and doesn't get it the creases.

Makeup tip
By Vonnie
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To keep your skin looking better wash with cold water then apply your powder then your base and powder again.

Makeup tip
By McKenna
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