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Iceberg Twice by Iceberg is a fresh fragrance for men that first hit fragrant waters in 1995. Suitable for daytime use, this scent is refreshing and wearable, thanks to the citrus and floral notes that swim side by side with base notes that are woody and spicy. Particularly suited to men who want to exude an air of self-confidence, this cologne should be splashed on in the morning to delight and refresh you throughout the day.
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Iceberg Twice, which was introduced by the Iceberg design house in 1994, takes the scent of fresh-cut florals to a new level. Notes of cyclamen, gardenia, and jasmine float over a base of musk, amber, and honey, bringing you a sweet, casual women's fragrance that is perfect for everyday wear. The light feminine scent stays pleasant through the drydown and lasts up to five hours, so it's perfect to spritz on after the gym or before you head out to the mall.
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