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Angel Schlesser Essential is a fresh scent that mixes fruit and citrus in a delightful way. Released by Angel Schlesser in 2004, this women's perfume has rich, fruity notes that slowly give way to the base notes of vetiver, bergamot rose, and woodsy scents. This casual fragrance will provide a quick boost of confidence, and it is perfect to wear when you meet your friends for lunch or head to the office.
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Angel Schlesser Essential cologne for men has a pleasant aroma that arouses the senses. The combination of invigorating coffee, spicy cinnamon, and apple create a fruity scent. Hints of leather, cedar, and musk complete the scent by adding a touch of rugged masculinity to the fragrance. Designed by Angel Schlesser and introduced in 2006, this cologne was created for the mature male and is casual enough for everyday use. It has a moderate fragrance that lasts for several hours.
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Angel Schlesser Essential

Angel Schlesser Essential

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