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Payot Skincare

Developed by Dr. Nadia Gregoria-Payot, the Payot skin care line launched in 1920 following the doctor's chance 1917 meeting with Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova. During their meeting, the doctor noticed a stark contrast between the ballerina's strong and youthful body and her aging facial skin.

Payot's skin care regimen combined cleansers and creams with facial exercises and massage techniques to firm and tighten problem areas, while at the same time hydrating and moisturizing the skin. In 1947, Payot opened a beauty therapy school, where she taught the "42-Movement Facial Protocol."

In 1977, Payot launched Pavlova for women, a fresh, fruity scent with underlying notes of sandalwood and vanilla. Named after his dancing muse and housed in an elegant floral bottle, the fragrance remains a popular seller. In addition to the signature Pavlova scent, the Payot brand also developed Fresh Body, a fragrance collection of body mists designed to wake up the senses. Formulated with floral and bamboo accents and blended with tea and water, these light, fresh aromas embody the natural approach for which Payot is known.

The Payot brand has grown significantly since 1920, with products available in approximately 70 countries, gracing the shelves of spas, department stores, pharmacies and more. As of 2016, Payot offers an abundance of naturally derived products designed to promote a healthy, youthful appearance, including facial serums, anti-aging treatments, body scrubs and facial masks.

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