Guinot Skincare

Guinot Skincare
The Guinot Institut Paris was founded in 1963 by French chemist Rene Guinot, and under the name of Rene Guinot. Following the discovery of a breakthrough technique in skin cleansing, Rene Guinot established his company in order to provide supplies to his wife, who worked as a beauty therapist.

After a modest start in which the company had a small number of employees and points of sale, Rene Guinot made a revolutionary discovery in 1965: the application of a soft ionization process to the skin would render it more susceptible to further treatments. This was called ""Hydradermie"" treatment, and its promising results brought fame to Guinot's company, earning him a broad clientele of beauty experts.

The company changed its management in 1972 when it was taken over by pharmaceutical scientist Jean-Daniel Mondin. This resulted in a new company approach to research and innovation based on the scientific background of Mondin, as well as the expertise of beauty therapists, physicians and researchers. The Rene Guinot company achieved economic growth during this period, earning the trust and cooperation of multiple beauty salons.

As of 2014, Guinot has expanded its product range to focus on face, body care and sun exposure. With decades of experience in cooperation with beauty clinics and spas, Guinot offers cutting edge solutions for skin treatment, and is able to meet the highest expectations in the field.
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