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Xeryus Reviews

Dab on something soft and sweet, yet masculine with Xeryus. Created in 1986, this intoxicating men's collection boasts lively, refreshing notes of mandarin orange and lemon. Hints of lavender, violet and jasmine combine beautifully with the fruity notes to produce an alluring scent that is ideal for the busy man. Xeryus is designed to withstand the pressures of a rigid board meeting or the intensity of a morning workout, leaving you feeling fresh and confident.

Review of Xeryus

I have always received VERY good feedback from females on the scent from Xeryus . I myself like the smell .

Written by Frank Z on 06/26/2006

  • Scent Classifcation Oriental/spicy
  • Recommended Use Elegant
  • Recommended Age Mature
  • Scent Strength Moderate
  • Scent Age 1-5 Hours

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