Yves De Sistelle Perfume

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Yves De Sistelle Perfume

Yves De Sistelle is a new brand under the parent company of Paris Blue Parfums, which is also the parent company to Jacques Evard and Red Pearl. Yves De Sistelle began manufacturing women's and men's fragrances in 2010. These beautiful scents include Ardencia Love, Casamance, Chairman, Chancelier and Forbidden Love. The fragrance line also offers gift sets and deodorant sprays for men and women. Yves De Sistelle men's deodorant sprays include Armada Black and Chairman. Women's deodorant sprays include Verona Love and Sanderling.

Paris Bleu Parfums has been producing quality fragrances since 1989. It is located in Paris, France, a location known for its refinement and sophistication. The company uses the traditional art of French perfumery when creating its fragrances. Great success in the fragrance industry has led to a world-wide presence for Paris Bleu.

Paris Bleu makes product expansions yearly to keep consumers happy and to keep the inventory fresh in a fast-paced industry. When creating fragrances, Paris Bleu Parfums organizes scents into six main families: Hesperide, woody, floral, Chypre, oriental and Fougere. The Hesperide family use citrus fruits that create unisex fragrances. The Chypre family is a mix between floral/citrus and oak moss. Fougere scents are mostly for masculine colognes.

People may identify with fragrance due to culture, experience or olfactory memory. Paris Bleu and Yves De Sistelle create delicate scents with the goal of making it possible for each person to find his or her most desired aroma.

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