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Visconti di Modrone Fragrances

Visconti di Modrone is the current manufacturer of Acqua di Selva, a men’s fragrance launched in 1949 and originally offered by Parfums Victor. Acqua di Selva, whose name means “Forest Water,” has been a favorite for decades. Its signature green bottle and fresh, herbal-woodsy scent offer a touch of Italian style to men on both side of the Atlantic.

Acqua di Selva was acquired by Vicsconti di Modrone in the 1970s. This company is owned by the Visconti family, whose history dates back to the thirteenth century in Italy. Members of the Visconti dynasty ruled Milan for nearly two centuries, and the family is still well-connected throughout Italy and Europe. Two brothers from this aristocratic family, Barnabo Visconti di Modrone and Giammaria Visconti di Modrone, promoted Acqua di Selva and a new masculine fragrance, Signor, on a well-publicized worldwide tour in 1978.

The Visconti di Modrone logo is derived from the ancient family crest of the Viconti of Milan: it shows a serpent that is either swallowing or giving birth to a human figure through its mouth.

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