Ulric De Varens Perfume & Cologne

Ulric De Varens Perfume & Cologne

Ulric de Varens was founded in France in 1983. Its founder, Ulric Viellard, wished to create original and unique designs at prices accessible to those in the 20 to 35-year-old age market. He has proven successful in that quest; his company has won many awards since its arrival and was nominated for the esteemed ""Audace Creatice"" (""Creative Audacity"") award in 2006.

While the focus of Ulric de Varens is primarily on fragrances, the company has also expanded its line into women's cosmetics, household goods such as scented candles, as well as body care products and jewelry.

Viellard uses a mass marketing technique to make high-quality, yet affordable products. His marketing team is composed of members with experience in leading positions in high-volume industries, and they have utilized their talents to effectively mass market the Ulric de Varens line. As a result of their work, Ulric de Varens can be found in boutiques, grocery stores, perfumeries and department stores in France and surrounding European countries, along with Asia and Argentina.

Collaborating with perfumers Jean-Claude Ellena, Pierre Bourdon and Henri Bergia, the first Ulric de Varens fragrance was created in 1985. The women's perfume, named of Cyane, provides a layered scent with citrus and green top notes blending with middle floral notes. A foundation of tonka bean, woody and musk notes rounds out this perfume, setting the stage for the many fragrances the company creates for both men and women.

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