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Eau De Campagne by Sisley is a women's fragrance that has a classic scent. The 1974 fragrance has a subtle smell that is sure to be intriguing to others without being overwhelming. The mature scent smells natural so it's perfect for long events and days out with friends or family. The outdoorsy scent has notes of patchouli, tomato leaves, lemon, plum, and more that make it charming and unique.
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Eau De Campagne

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Eau De Campagne


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I LOVED THIS COLOGNE/PERFUME! I was given a few years back a sample of the SISLEY bath gel in this fragrance. I was on a mission to locate the bath gel when i came across a gift package of the cologne and the gel...I bought it at a discount and I was knocked away! I have since been wearing it all day every day....Enjoy it...BUY IT!

Written by Antoinette on February 20, 2013

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1 - 1 (of 1 Reviews)