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In 1937 Shulton launched its first fragrance Early American Old Spice for women, a blend of rose, cloves, herbs, and spices inspired by a rose jar his mother used to keep. Early American Old Spice was developed around a colonial theme. Men’s fragrances include Old Spice, introduced in 1937, the classic scent of citrus, flowers, and vanilla which was, and Old Spice Whitewater. With the launch of Old Spice, Schultz wanted to keep the colonial theme but also wanted a nautical touch, so he incorporated the colonial sail boat which has endured as a lasting trademark to this day. The original ships used on the packaging were the Friendship and the Grand Turk. Other ships used on Old Spice packaging include the Birmingham, Salem Wesley, and Hamilton. In the 1970’s Blues Jeans perfume by Shulton was introduced, although this fragrance has been discountinued, there is still a large demand for it.
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