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Salvatore Ferragamo introduced Incanto in 2003. Since then, this cologne has been known as a soft, sensual scent that is ideal for casual use. The combination of artemisia, bamboo leaves, bigarade, geranium, cypress, cedar, musk, vetiver and sandalwood is a great option for a man who wants to express a love of nature without wearing overbearing fragrance. You can wear this when you are spending quality time with your family or for a day out with friends.
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Incanto by Salvatore Ferragamo is a truly unique women's fragrance. Introduced in 2003, it has the floral notes so often included in women's fragrances, but uses sweet exotic florals and blends them with pepper, peaches, woods, musk and amber. Its versatile scent makes it an ideal casual fragrance. Apply it in the morning to feel sensual and enticing throughout your day. Touch it on before an evening out to give your mood and your confidence a lift.
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