Royall Fragrances Cologne

Royall Fragrances Cologne
Royall Fragrances (sometimes also known as Royall Lyme or Royall Lyme Bermuda) was founded by Anthony Gaade, a Bermudian yachtsman. The first Royall fragrance was Royall Lyme, launched in 1957; still in production, it is a refreshing masculine cologne based on the scent of fresh West Indian limes. In 1960 Royall Lyme was first sold at the upscale New York menswear store Brooks Brothers in 1960, where it became a favorite for loyal and discerning customers, and it was soon afterwards exported to London, Milan, and other fashion capitals. Royall Fragrances’s other blends are also inspired by traditional Victorian and Caribbean recipes, using native fruits and spices to evoke Bermuda’s Anglo-African blend of cultures. From Bay Rhum and Muske to Spyce and Mandarin, they all capture the Bermuda’s unique spirit and tropical landscape; Royall’s all-purpose formula can be used as an aftershave lotion or simply as a cologne. Every green glass bottle is topped with a crown-shaped cap, and each box is wrapped parchment paper and sealed with a wax stamp in a nod to the island’s colonial past.
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