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Give free reign to your desires by wearing the fresh floral fragrance of Desir De Rochas perfume by Rochas. The aroma of this fragrance features top notes of mandarin, litchi, and strawberry, providing a flowery scent that's supported by bottom notes of chocolate, rose, and magnolia that add a subtle richness. Introduced for women in 2007, the scent is intended for casual use on any occasion. It's perfect for those times when you wish to make a quick but unforgettable impression.
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Give in to your desire with Desir de Rochas, a men's fragrance that was introduced to the market in 2007 for casual use. It's a spicy scent with top notes of grapefruit and vanilla supported by the rich aromas of cardamom, cedar, and cacao. The combination opens up moderately strong, creating a rich woody scent with just a hint of fruit. As the scent dries down, it changes slightly, taking on a slightly chocolate undertone that adds a level of complexity to the already sublime aroma.
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