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In 2012, Ralph Lauren introduced the perfume Big Pony 2 for women, combining fruity, sour, aromatic, bitter, and balmy notes to create a fruity, Oriental fragrance that is sure to please. This is a light, casual scent that is perfect for everyday use, so you can spray it on first thing in the morning before you head to work, or wear it when you go out to lunch with friends. The long-lasting fragrance will stay with you for hours.
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Enjoy the exotic mix of an Oriental fougere scent for men with Big Pony #2, the Ralph Lauren cologne inspired by polo fields and the sportive men who tread them. The combination of traditional fougere accord wrapped with chocolate heart notes creates a rich and spicy chocolate scent that lasts hours. A musk base supports the upper notes, adding a masculine tone that prevents the fragrance from being too sweet for casual wear. Introduced in 2010, Big Pony #2 is one of four scents in the Big Pony Collection.
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