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Introduced in 2008, Perry Ellis by Perry Ellis is a men's cologne that is sure to please. This casual cologne is perfect for situations where you need to smell nice without overpowering others with a scent. The fragrance contains notes of bergamot, green apple, orange blossom, cinnamon, amber, rose, warm woods, violet leaves, making it a sweet combination of scents that are natural and lovely to smell. Simply spritz on the cologne for a unique way to dress up your casual attire.
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The new Perry Ellis perfume by Perry Ellis was introduced in 2009, providing a beautiful fragrance for women. The casual fragrance has a mature and moderate scent that makes it ideal for situations where you don't want to overwhelm your guests or clients with a fragrance, but still want to smell nice. The notes of the perfume include patchouli, bergamot, green apple, violet leaves, and amber, making it perfect for those who love a mix of fruits and flowers.
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