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America from Perry Ellis is a men's cologne that provides the perfect scent for your next outdoor excursion. Since its introduction in 1996, America has offered a unique fragrance that features an intriguing mix of sage, pineapple and green fern, as well as a hint of leather, musk, lavender and cedarwood. The scent is the perfect complement to your favorite daytime outfit. It's the ideal cologne for the masculine male who enjoys a day out with family and friends.
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America by Perry Ellis contains a mixture of scents that are reminiscent of flowers found across the country. Water notes tone down the heavy mixture of floral notes, which include magnolia, daylily, and lilac. Take a deeper whiff to capture the scent of the fresh ocean air. Introduced in 1996, this casual scent will stick with you as you run across town finishing errands, sit at your desk, or lounge around the house on the weekend.
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