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Pal Zileri Fragrances

Considered the quintessential embodiment of the Italian sartorial culture, Pal Zileri men's fashion boasts clean lines and classic color combinations. Formed during the 1980s by a group of established textile and clothing manufacturers, the brand operates out of Quinto Vicentino, Italy, yet is celebrated in more than 70 countries for its distinct craftsmanship.

Pal Zileri's trademark piece is the canvassed suit, which the company calls ""an architecture of high-quality fabrics and handicrafts improved by generations of tailors."" Keeping in line with its motto to balance the traditional with the contemporary, the company utilizes fine lines, its creative spirit, boundless energy and a continuous strive to inject opulence into every garment it produces.

Since its inception, Pal Zileri has enjoyed exponential growth. During the 1980s, the company was named to oversee the manufacture and distribution of the men's lines of several popular Italian brands, including Moschino, Soprani, Trussardi, Fusco and Verri. In the 1990s, the company expanded throughout the U.S., Europe and Asia. During the early 2000s, Pal Zileri experienced sales exceeding 100 million euros.

Pal Zileri operates two casual men's wear labels, ""LAB"" and ""Pal Zileri Concept."" In addition to men's clothing, the company also designs and manufactures belts, umbrellas, watches, shoes, pens, suitcases and fragrances.

As of 2014, Pal Zileri offers 14 fragrances for men, many of which are part of four collections: Pal Zileri Classic, Lab, Uomo and Collezione Privata.

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