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Made for the casual woman, Mont Blanc Presence by Mont Blanc can be worn in a number of social situations. Its intriguing mix of sandalwood, pineapple and vanilla creates an aroma that is both spicy and floral. This unique combination has made Mont Blanc Presence the fragrance of choice for the woman looking to make an impression since its introduction in 2002. Whether you wear it out with friends or at home with your family, this perfume is the perfect complement to your sense of style.
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For years, Mont Blanc has produced fragrances that combine stylishness and charm with fun and personality. A perfect example would be Mont Blanc Presence. This casual but romantic and intriguing men's fragrance, introduced in 2001, is a rich and mature scent for a variety of occasions. It provides its wearer a sense of contemporary elegance marked by notes of cinnamon, ginger, apple, musk and teak. It's an exceedingly manly fragrance that emanates energy and adventure, and it's great for a variety of activities.
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Mont Blanc Presence

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