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Quartz by Molyneux is a true masculine classic that spans the generations. Men have enjoyed it since 1978 when it first arrived on the market. It has a refreshing and natural composition, thanks to its unique and harmonious blend of the quintessential elements of masculine fragrances, including mosses, musk, and amber. These notes produce a scent that is clearly present without being overpowering, and it is ideal for casual wear.
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Quartz perfume for women by Molyneux is the perfect scent for daytime wear. Introduced in 1977, this fragrance has been a favorite of women from all age groups, whether they consider themselves traditional or contemporary, for over three decades. The fresh, sweet floral aroma blends nicely with notes of citrus, giving Quartz a lovely, refreshing scent. This perfume is ideal for a day at the park with the family or a lunch out with friends.
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