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Created for men who love European-inspired scents, Sexual Noir from Michel Germain is a well-balanced scent with fruity citrus notes and fresh floral blossom tones. Its base comes from a combination of Italian bergamot and grapefruit, while touches of cardamom add a hint of spice. The soothing background of lavender makes this versatile fragrance soft enough for everyday wear. Introduced in 2012, Sexual Noir has gained a following of fun-loving, free-spirited men of all ages.
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Created for women who love fruity, feminine scents, Sexual Noir is a versatile fragrance you can apply in the morning and enjoy until nightfall. Its sweet appeal is derived from fresh mandarin oranges and ripe strawberries combined with the juice of tart limes. A touch of patchouli, an herb in the mint family, gives the scent a cooling quality. Sexual Noir was introduced by Michel Germain in 2013 and is a popular choice among women of all ages.
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Sexual Noir

Sexual Noir

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