Mercedes-Benz Perfume & Cologne

When you think of Mercedes-Benz, what comes to mind? Fast, high-performance luxury vehicles, sure — but perfume? In 2012, however, Mercedes entered the fragrance world at full speed, bringing on board some of the most world's most notable noses to create a collection of sumptuous, high-end scents that matched the German automotive brand's standards of impeccable quality and modern luxury.

The company's debut fragrance for men, Mercedes-Benz, was introduced with the help of perfumer Olivier Cresp. The brand's partnership with Cresp continued through the subsequent years with the development of nine additional fragrances. In 2013, Mercedes released a partner fragrance for women, Mercedes-Benz for Her. That same year, Mercedes-Benz Intense and Mercedes-Benz Club were also released.

In 2014, the company further expanded its collection by introducing two new scents: Mercedes-Benz Sport and Mercedes-Benz L'Eau. Two new fragrances for men, Le Parfum and Mercedes-Benz Man, were introduced in 2015, along with the brand's second fragrance for women, Rose. Mercedes also revisited its earlier Club fragrance, coming out with two new editions: Mercedes-Benz Club Extreme and Mercedes-Benz Club Fresh.

In addition to the brand's mainstream scents, Mercedes also introduced a collection of five VIP Club fragrances in 2015, each designed by a renowned perfumer: Addictive Oriental by Alberto Morillas, Black Leather by Honorine Blanc, Energetic Aromatic by Annie Buzantian, Pure Woody by Harry Fremont and Infinite Spicy by none other than Oliver Cresp.

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