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Mattel Inc., regarded as the world's biggest toy company considering revenue, makes products that include board games, American Girl dolls, Masters of the Universe, Matchbox toys and Hot Wheels, Fisher Price, Barbie dolls and Barbie doll fragrances. The company was founded in 1945, with its name being a combination of the names Harold ""Matt"" Matson and Elliot Handler. When Ruth Handler, Elliot's wife, became president of Mattel Inc., she was responsible for the establishment of the Barbie product line that started in 1959. Following the release of the world renowned Barbie doll, the company revolutionized the industry with its various toys and talking dolls. In the 1960s, the company reached a major milestone with their Chatty Cathy doll, a talking toy. In 1965, another major success included the See N Say toys that swiftly moved Mattel to the top position as a toy manufacturer in America. However, Mattel closed its last factory based in the United States in 2002. It proceeded to outsource production of its toys to China, which would lead to a huge company crisis involving lead contamination. Mattel produced two Barbie fragrances by the names of Barbie Princess and Barbie Super Model. Barbie Super Model was released in 1995. Specifically designed for young girls, it was recommended for daytime use. Barbie Princess was later introduced in 1997 and features notes of fragrant woods, flowers and mandarin.
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