Malbrum Vol. I Tigre Du Bengale Perfume & Cologne

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“Tigers have this mating habit where the male tiger scratches off the bark from trees and he urinates on the pile of wood chips to attract the female. This pile of urine and wood chips gives a lot of information to the female tiger. They can smell sex, size and social status. Tigers use their molecules wisely”. Initially, this scent is all subtle, roasted spice (cardamom and juniper), a wreath of aromatics adorning the opening of this alluring fragrance. A velveteen tobacco produces a purring warmth, the central hearth glowing at the heart of tiger. Myrrh burns close by, it’s gilded haze lifting to reveal sweet labdanum and earthy patchouli. Castoreum slinks, a lone animal guarding the periphery of this property. Tigre du Bengale is a mysterious but inviting entity: enter, and abandon caution.
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