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LTL Fragrances

LTL Fragrances, also known as Evyan Perfumes, was founded as Hartnell Perfumes in 1943 in New York City. The principals were Dr. Baron Walter Langer von Langendorff, his wife Evelyn Diane Westall, and two partners, Felice and Hartnell. Evyan is a contraction of the name Evelyn Diane, said to be a nickname for Evelyn given by her godfather, the playwright George Bernard Shaw.

Early on, the company’s partners left the firm, and “the Baron” and his wife continued to run it with great success. Von Langendorff’s training and first career was in chemistry, creating perfumes and doing consulting work for other companies. In New York, von Langendorff found recognition for his talent and support for what became a lifelong search for the finest in personal fragrances. The company that the von Langendorffs founded eventually grew to employ hundreds of people.

Over the years, LTL has produced many unique, best-selling perfumes, including The Baron for men, Golden Shadows for men and women, and Most Precious for women. The first perfume launched by the fledgling company was the now-iconic White Shoulders. This feminine fragrance consists of a floral-heavy but fresh scent. When it was created, White Shoulders was the first mass-marketed fine fragrance to be designed and manufactured in the United States. The memorable fragrance and famous tagline of "The Best the World Has to Offer" combined to turn it into a classic, and it's still used by millions today.

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The Baron

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