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As the perfect perfume for the casual woman, Curve Wave by Liz Claiborne features a combination of honeysuckle, driftwood, amber, plumeria, hibiscus, ginger orchid and musk, providing you with a refreshing fragrance. Since being introduced in 2005, Curve Wave has been the fragrance of choice for the woman who wants to sit back and relax. Whether you wear it by the pool or at an impromptu lunch with your friends, this perfume will help set the bar for your casual vibe.
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Curve Wave by Liz Claiborne is a men's cologne that brings the fresh scent of a sea breeze anywhere that the wearer roams. Introduced in 2005 for daytime use, the fragrance combines a mix of mint, juniper and liquid oxygen to create an engaging scent that lasts all day with a single application. The musk base helps to level out the spicy scent to create a smooth, masculine undertone beneath the mint and juniper top notes.
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