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Jivago Perfume & Cologne
In 1994, Ilana Jivago set out to change the American fragrance industry. Her design house, Ilana Jivago, Inc., was the first, and as of 2014, the only fragrance industry based in Beverly Hills, Calif. Ilana Jivago fragrances capture the essence of Beverly Hills with scents that invoke thoughts of elegance and indulgence. The design house's first perfume, 24K, was released in 1995. It encompasses a floral scent, filled with Bulgarian rose, jasmine and tuberose, and is noted for containing actual flakes of 24-karat gold suspended in the fragrance, symbolizing prosperity and the sun's energy. In 2012, 24K won second place in the annual FiFi Awards Hall of Fame. The Ilana Jivago brand has been nominated for the FiFi Awards six times in its short history, for both best innovative technology and for fragrance packaging. Since the company's establishment in 1994, it has released 14 different fragrances, and according to founder and president, Ilana Jivago, all of the perfumes are "magical scents composed of the finest ingredients to evoke emotion and sensation." Ilana Jivago, Inc. has grown beyond the world of just fragrances and now offers body lotions, scarfs and watches. The design house has timepieces for both men and women, made exclusively with Swiss parts. The women's watches are designed to be both feminine and modern while the men's are a mix of both classic and sports designs, combining fashion and function in a single piece.
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