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Jean Philippe Fragrances

From the beginning, Jean Philippe Fragrances has produced fragrances aimed at a wide swath of the marketplace, from inexpensive imitation designer aromas meant to evoke luxury brands, to upscale designer fragrances themselves worth imitating. Founded in 1985 by Jean Madar and Philippe Benacin, Jean Philippe Fragrances started off producing exclusively so-called "imitation" fragrances that smelled like designer fragrances, but at a much lower price point.

That all changed in 1989, when Jean Philippe Fragrances began to sell more upscale originals. The next year marked a major milestone for the company: it acquired the exclusive rights to the Jordache trademark, a hugely successful designer jeans brand in the 1980s. The company developed a Jordache brand fragrance, as well as other cosmetics. Another coup occurred in 1993, when the company acquired the fragrance rights to Burberry, which helped them develop a portfolio of luxury brands.

Because of the overwhelming success of its French subsidiary, Inter Parfums S.A., Jean Philippe Fragrances changed its corporate name to Inter Parfums, Inc. in July of 2000, but retained their original name for mass-market products. Since then, the company has produced and distributed licensed fragrances in more than 100 countries.

Most recently, the company's Jimmy Choo line of fragrances has been one of the company's biggest sellers, especially Jimmy Choo Man and Jimmy Choo Illicit. Other fragrance partners include Abercrombie & Fitch, Coach, and Oscar de la Renta.

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