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Giorgio Valenti Fragrances

The Giorgio Valenti design house belongs to Parfums Parour, a French fragrance and cosmetics company based in Paris. Founded in 1986, the company owns and runs several brands distributed across various countries worldwide, including Lomani, Vizzari and Remy Latour.

Of all the Parfums Parour brands, Giorgio Valenti has remained the hallmark of the company because of its endlessly renewed collection of products that bear unique sensations. Giorgio specializes in perfume and body spray products for men and women, including arousing sensual scents that exhibit great luxury and distinction.

Even after several years of being on the market, Rose Noire remains one of the best Giorgio Valenti products due to its floral fragrance dominated by notes of roses and iris. Over the years, the product has undergone several updates and additional fragrances were introduced, including Rose Noire Secret, which combines flowery, fruity and woody notes, and Rose Noire Absolue, which carries a single scent comprising of fresh notes of mint and juicy mandarin.

In 2000, the design house introduced the Giorgio Valenti perfume for women, a scent with blackcurrant and lily notes at the top and rose and gardenia notes at its heart. This unique blend, together with a sandalwood base, creates the perfume's irresistible fragrance. Other popular fragrances include GV Moment and So Valenti.

Giorgio works with selective perfume shops, large-scale distributors and department stores to retail its products worldwide.

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Rose Noire Absolue

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Rose Noire Emotion

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Rose Noire Absolu

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Rose Noire Absolue Rouge

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