Etienne Aigner Perfume & Cologne

Etienne Aigner Perfume & Cologne

Etienne Aigner AG is world-renowned for its high-quality dark red leather goods. The tradition began in Paris in the late 1920s, when its founder shifted his talents from bookbinding to accessories such as bags and belts.

Born in Hungary in 1904, the young Aigner became a bookbinder, and his leather craftsmanship became popular with Paris residents. He began designing high-end leather accessories for the fashion-conscious Parisians, including Christian Dior. In 1949, recognizing the large American fashion market, he moved to New York City. By 1950, he began offering his trademarked bags, belts and wallets with a signature horseshoe-shaped logo.

In 1959, he opened a showroom in Manhattan. Aigner's use of leather paired with fabrics such as linen dazzled his clients, and his success grew. In 1965, he licensed his logo and brand to a German firm, and the globalization of Etienne Aigner continued. In the next two decades, the company added other products, including clothing for men and women, jewelry and fragrances. While its founder died in 2000, the brand continues with over 438 stores worldwide.

The company first launched two fragrances for men in 1975 and now has 37 fragrances. The leather and suede theme in the packaging, along with a leather note in the scents, fits in perfectly with the company's fashions and other products. Aigner No 1 Sport, which is lighter than the older scents, was released in 2014.

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