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Erox Fragrances
What if you could buy a personal fragrance that made you more confident and more attractive to the people around you? Erox claims to offer just such a product. Its fragrance Realm, available in separate formulas for men and women, was launched in 1993. Erox Corporation, a California-based company, used to use the tagline “where biotechnology meets pleasure.” Erox was founded by David Berliner, a physician and anatomist working in the cosmetics industry. Berliner began researching human skin cells in the 1950s. In the late 1980s, Berliner made discoveries that led him to isolate pheromones, scentless chemicals that are given off by the skin and can be detected subliminally by other humans. Knowing the exact structure of pheromones, he and his team were able to duplicate these elusive molecules in a laboratory. Under the leadership of Pierre de Champ fleury, an beauty-industry expert who had previously headed Yves Saint Laurent’s fragrance division in Paris, Erox created a fragrance that incorporated synthetic pheromones. This fragrance, titled Realm, was an innovation for its time and continues to stimulate discussion and speculation. It claims to cause a sense of well-being in the wearer and to instill physical attraction in nearby members of the opposite sex. Does it work? Only its fans know for sure.
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