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If you are in search of a feminine fragrance that is young at heart, Cuba City Hollywood from Cuba is a refreshing choice for women. This cooling, youthful scent features notes of cranberry, raspberry, tomato, violet and orange blossom to create a light and playful fragrance that stays behind every time you leave the room. Wear this scent to bring spring and summer with you all year long, whether at school or hanging with friends on the weekend.
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A rich and enticing scent that captivates not only the nose but the eyes as well with its unique packaging, Cuba City Hollywood fragrance is perfect for men who want to be effortlessly stylish. Featuring an aromatic spicy aroma that excites the senses, this versatile scent is casual for everyday wear yet intriguing enough for evening use. Released by the prestigious design house of Cuba Paris, this masculine scent features notes of bergamot, rosemary, ginger, cardamom and geranium.
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