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Launched in 1973, the Compagnie Européenne des Parfums is a perfume design house headquartered in Dijon, France. It designs, manufactures and exports a line of fragrances for adults, teenagers and children. All of its fragrance products are made in France.

Each year, CEP develops a new children's fragrance based on a popular movie character. In addition to fragrances, the children's line includes bath gels, shampoo and other beauty and grooming products. Introduced in 2004, Dora the Explorer is a fruity and floral scent aimed at young children. The Littlest Pet Shop, a popular scent designed for little girls, was introduced in 2011. Each product is packaged in a distinctive bottle intended to appeal to young consumers. CEP also carries fragrances for boys, including Superman, Spider-Man and Batman. For teens, the company produces and markets a Harry Potter line of products.

Alongside its products for children, CEP offers the Christine Arbel line of fragrances for teenagers and young adults. Products include Miss Arbel's Perfume, Christine Arbel Paris Eau De Toilette Vanilla and Pear for girls, and Christine Arbel Paris Eau De Toilette Blackberry and Raspberry for girls.

For adults, CEP develops and markets Lomani products for both men and women. One of the Lomani fragrances is Attractive, a scent for women. Launched in 1987, it is intended for casual wear. Lomani also produces and distributes Mademoiselle Lomani, Ab Spirit, Lomani Sensual and Lomani White. Blue Sky, a woody aromatic scent for men, launched in 2014.

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