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Clean Shower Fresh is a bath and shower gel cologne that is perfect for men who love to smell great straight out of the shower. This fragrance was introduced in 2008 by Dlish and has been a favorite of men ever since. With notes of orange flower, jasmine, lily of the valley, musk, and mandarin, this striking cologne is sure to make an impression on anyone who catches a whiff. This casual scent is ideal for work or play.
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The natural, casual bouquet of Clean Shower Fresh perfume for women makes it perfect for active women who live for the outdoors, whether cycling along the coast or enjoying a day at the park. First introduced by Dlish in 2007, this subtle scent offers a complex but perfectly balanced mix of mandarin, lily of the valley, orange flower, sheer woods, jasmine and musk notes. It's a lilting fragrance, and just a splash on the neck or wrists works wonderfully for any outdoor occasion.
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