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Carven Perfume & Cologne

Carven’s fragrance business was born soon after the fashion house, and instantly began to thrive. In 1946, they launched Ma Griffe, a sultry floral perfume featuring jasmine, green moss and musk, which met with great popular success. It was followed in 1947 by Robe d’un Soire and Chasse Gardee in 1950.

The company’s first men’s fragrance, 1957’s Vetiver, was an earthy scent of lemon, lavender, jasmine, and of course vetiver, that brought significant notice to the Carven name in the fragrance industry. The late sixties, seventies and eighties saw the rapid release of several more perfumes; including Vert et Blanc, Eau Vive, a pairing called Monsieur and Madame de Carven, and Intrigue. The company continues to turn out fragrances on a quick-schedule, constantly reinventing itself to creatively impress its audience.

At the turn of the century, it released Carven Homme for men and Variations for women, both light, playful florals intended to give them a more youthful image. Its most recent line is the equally playful Cabaret for women (2002) and men (2005).

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